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Compatibility of the Capricorn and Leo Zodiacs

These two zodiacs have absolutely nothing in common as their traits are very different. The Leo is exuberant and impulsive while the Capricorn is less extravagant and money conscious. The Capricorn is less emotional though more passionate in bed while the Leo is emotional and less passionate in bed. These extreme opposite traits show the incompatibility of this couple. The key to this relationship will be trust and commitment. This may be the only way that they can salvage whatever relationship they have.

Compatibility between the Capricorn Man and the Leo Woman

The Capricorn man is ordered, organized but boring in nature while the Leo woman is a free spirit. The Capricorn man is conservative in nature and despises socializing while the Leo woman is active, exuberant and impulsive. All these differences add to the incompatibility of these pair. The only thing they have in common is their respect for each other.

Compatibility between the Capricorn Woman and the Leo Man

The Leo man seeks attention and likes to be extravagant while the Capricorn woman is slow to anger and seldom forgets. This matchup is highly incompatible as it is difficult for the parties to meet in the middle regarding many issues affecting them. A plus for this couple is that they both have a positive approach towards life which can help keep the relationship off the rocks. 

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