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career astrology 2020

Determine your career in 2020 from planets and its position

Determine your career in 2020 from planets and its position 

Careers astrology by planets and luminaries:
Sun signifies authority, politicians, scientists, leaders, directors, government employees, doctors, jewelers.
Moon is the significator for nursing, public related jobs, travelling, marine, cooks & restaurants, import/export business.
Mars influences fire and sectors like law enforcements and the business of metal elements and so on. Thus people influenced by Mars, has a bright future towards career in Army.
Mercury has an influence factor for intellect, writing, teaching, merchandise, clerks, accountants and editors. So, people who have Mercury dominating their natal chart can be successful as authors or teachers.
Jupiter has always been the significator for finance, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians. So, with Jupiter on the chart, business and public relationship jobs are just the perfect ones.
Venus influences the aesthetic and artistic fields such as art, entertainment, music and so on. It also has high impression on the pleasure and beauty of life. So an acting career is the best for a person dominated by Venus.
Saturn marks the real estate, labour, agriculture, building trades and mining. Thus as per Career astrology, Saturn makes a good and successful engineering career.
Rahu signifies researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation.
 Houses determining career:

1st house is like self. It denotes success in the area of self employment. 
2nd house shows the area of career in finance, banking professions, investment professions and career in teaching field, writing and publishing. So, a dreamer of achieving a successful career can try his hands on becoming a banker if belonging to this house.
3rd house is the house of consultation and communication and so the perfect career options belong to this house are such as advertising professional, web designing and marketing professionals. Travel oriented and import export business related professions are also suitable.
4th house belongs to land and vehicles. As per Career astrology, the areas of transaction of building materials, deals of vehicles, agricultural sectors and mining etc. suit this house.
5th house denotes speculation. So, the professions related to equity markets and the finance along with educational sectors are likely to have more success in life.
6th house is the house of solution to diverse legal problems and disputes. So the ideal career choice for this house is the legal professions such as police, lawyers. Loan sanction department is also a good choice to bank upon. 
7th house is the house of business and partnership. Career of this house relates to trading and entrepreneurship especially on the behalf of wife will be successful depending upon placement of planets in the celestial chart. 
8th house is suitable for insurance professionals. People having proclivity for research can also achieve success if belong to this house.
9th house is house of religious and fortune. So people can choose to pursue career in the religious fields such as priesthood and other of this kind as these suit this house. Trying one’s luck to be a priest or a prophet may turn fruitful here. Law and travel related professions are also good options. 
10th house in horoscope is known for connection with the government so one can opt for the government and political service as this has high chance of success. Dealing with public life is also a good choice.
11th house is the ideal house for source of income. It indicates the income from various sources. The planetary positions are conducive to have steady graph of income.
12th house shows career related to foreign countries, import export, travel agency and hospitals
Apart from this, the main planets that have significator aspects are Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. 
Thus, studying all the above factors, in most cases, an astrologer is able to isolate time periods when a person is more likely to increase earnings through his or her employment or the times when he or she is more likely to make gains and profit through income streams that fall outside the regular salary or wages.

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