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Career Horoscope 2020 for Cancer

Career Horoscope 2020 for Cancer

Career Horoscope 2020 for Cancer
In every walk of life you need a person whom you can confide on, whom you can share things and thoughts with. One who is able to execute a task with full energy and enthusiasm along with a power of understanding is always a valued friend. A Cancerian can be a good friend, a good colleague and a good partner if you expect these people to be complacent and caring about your worries and emotions. 
What are Cancerians best for:
Cancerians can be good writers as they do generally have an inherent inclination towards learning and creativity.
They are also able to handle humor and emotions quite deftly and so they can be excellent actors and comedians. 
Cancerians can also earn a good reputation as counselors, teachers, doctors and management professionals in the hospitality industry owing to their gift of observation power, sensitivity and intuition.
The ability to create something new and the desire to do something new make them good chef, architects, reporters, designers and painters. 
They have a dependable nature and have a stability of mind and so nursing, education and medicine can also be good professions for them. 
Planetary influences on Cancer in 2020:
Cancerians have the Moon as the Lord of the House and it is a movable and watery sign
The 10th House is the House of Career with Mars as its Lord
In the first half of the year the support of Jupiter will retreat
Ketu and Sun are the two enemy planets and they are likely to come together
Consequences of planetary influences:
Astrology Jupiter’s aspect:
From January to 6th March, 2020, you will be able to fulfill your ambitions in your professional field. Your salary may also increase to a large extent and during this time the influence of Jupiter on the 10th House is going to be in retrospective motion. 
Jupiter will pass through Gemini from 6th of March to 19th June and job opportunities from foreign countries would attract you. However, you might have dissatisfaction at your work place though you will be able to earn a good salary. 
Mars’s aspect:
For almost three months, from 2nd March to 20th May, Mars, the Lord of the 10th House will be on a retrospective motion. Mistakes and ignoring responsibilities should be avoided at this stage at any cost. 
From the closing days of May till the end of August you will have to face difficulties at work. Resistance and opposition from others can increase troubles at work place. You will have to work carefully and wisely in order to obstacles put in your way. It is advisable to avoid those who are not in good terms with you. 
Mars will be passing through Scorpio from 5th September to 18th October and during this time it will also be aspected by Jupiter in Cancer. This will be a good time for your career horoscope as all the issues will be resolved and new opportunities will appear as a silver lining. During the last quarter of the year you will get chances to change your job as well. 
Sun and Ketu in close proximity:
During the last half of April, Sun will be in close proximity of Ketu in the 10th House. This is not going to be a very good time for you and you should better refrain yourself from making commitments to your boss. However, during May, things will get better and your superiors will start supporting you.

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