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Astrology predictions for your benefits in 2023

In the current period of 2023 there would be lively bright and a fascinating time which is filled with large scale events. Everyone is able to gain something from this period and a time to dig deeper into profound light.  

The stellar and planetary influences in this year follow a best time for researchers, scientists, adventurers and explorers. Horoscopes of 2023 from Indian astrology indicate that everyone can strive for steady progress. The signs of the zodiac according to Indian astrology are twelve based on moon signs and they help one in fate with planetary alignments in sky. Though the horoscopes are meant for moon signs they are same as for twelve ascendants or rising signs as well. The signs are grouped for their natural element characteristics as per Vedas and shastras. These are water, fire, earth, air and sky.

Signs of water element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and in 2023 they would observe ordeals which apply to esoteric side of lives. These native would expect rite of passage, secret information or mystery and a time of understanding, awareness and acceptance of hidden knowledge. There would be unlimited opportunities in terms of spiritual progress and there is high degree of responsibility.

Signs of air element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius in 2023 observes no problems in love life.  Mostly everything is based on individual and special characteristics of this portion of zodiac sign. Indian astrology predicts personal relations would be strong side of life. There is more harmonious correlation of different facts and situations with the air sign elements. In 2023, these natives would be romantic, gentle, affectionate and sincere. They would face disappointments and as they can be spurned or lose control, they might reason imperfection of match or drawback they refused to notice. Signs of earth element in 2023 are subject to lesser planetary influences than other zodiac signs. There is increased dynamics of influence of Mercury for signs of earth element according to Indian astrology. In sphere of work and finance everything is okay at this stage for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The year 2023 is of Mars symbolizing abundant energy and also leads to global warming for hottest year ever. Natives need to guard themselves from impulsiveness and work on the tempers. Natives in fields of sports, archery, politics, engineering and surgery find the year favorable. Based on Indian astrology, manufacturing activities would be reviving, bringing cheer to everyone. Industries which would do better are hotels, restaurants, event management, entertainment fields, security agencies and arms and ammunitions according to Indian astrology.

Indian astrology for 2023 also predicts transit of Rahu in Leo and joining planet Jupiter during 30th January. Ketu shall change sign to Aquarius. Rahu and Jupiter in conjunction come under direct check of transiting Saturn.  During month of September, Jupiter will travel from Leo to Virgo sign and will stay there until for another year. These transits can be difficult to overcome, bring much disharmony and lead to shaking the life of many natives.


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