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Aries Sagittarius Love Compatibility

An Aries – Sagittarius love relationship can be the ultimate love match among all the Zodiac signs. They both have a lot of common qualities. Their ever bubbling energy, thirst for adventure in life and the optimistic thoughts can bring about a life full of excitement. This couple can never be seen idle; they are always in spree for exploring and sporting. As neither of them knows how to slow down and analyse things in life, there may be many accidents and mishaps in their lives. Unless the excitement and the energy remains the same throughout the relationship, it is very difficult for these two people to have a long term relationship. 

These two signs are very good friends and also lovers also have high love compatibility. They have a very good understanding about each other as both of them have same qualities. Sagittarius needs more space and independence than Aries which Aries can totally understand. But sometimes, this may result in problems related to being over possessive which may hurt Aries. The best part of this relationship is that, both Aries and Sagittarius are very good in forgiving and they can’t hold any hard feelings for longer period. This is the key essence of any healthy relationship.

To find the level of compatibility between them after marriage, you can refer their horoscope prediction with any astrologer. Aries brings about a new adventure and Sagittarius would love to play along.  As astrology describes, Aries and Sagittarius are ruled by the planets Mars and Jupiter. Here, Mars represents the passion and Jupiter represents the philosophy and luck in life. As both are masculine planets, their way of thinking will be much similar. 

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