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Aquarius - Scorpio

The compatibility of these two zodiacs cannot be successful unless they give each other space. The Aquarians are irritable while the Scorpios are moody and love freedom. The Scorpio can therefore not tolerate the Aquarian. Aquarians will find it very difficult to live up to the emotional demands of the Scorpios. The only attraction these two may have to each other is physical. If you want to know more about this love match, feel free to consult our experts who will give expert advice. Our Ask a Question Service will answer all the queries you have regarding this relationship.
The Compatibility of the Aquarius Man and the Scorpio Woman
The Aquarius man is a very unpredictable type while the Scorpio woman is emotional and very demanding which is not a good mix for their relationship. Both are strong and opinionated and the Scorpio’s demands have to be met for the relationship to work. Alternatively the Scorpio woman will have to accept the man or who he is without much expectation. This should also be the case with the Aquarius man.
Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman and the Scorpio Man
The Aquarius woman is an outdoor type while the Scorpio man prefers the indoors and household activities. Although this could cause issues in the relationship, the Aquarius woman is kind and caring and will to some level help the relationship prosper. Ganesha does not see the prospect of this couple spending the rest of their life together. Love is a wonderful thing and it is imperative to find your true match. This is why we suggest that you try the Kundali Matching Service with a host of experts to guide you and help you meet your perfect and compatible match.