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Aquarius - Aries


Aries and Aquarius share a very interesting, adventurous and exciting relationship. They enjoy being around one another as they both like fun and freedom.  Their personality traits are very similar although Aquarians tend to lean towards solitude and this tends to create a rift between both parties. Arians like and admire the creative and innovative ideas of the Aquarians while the Arian spontaneity is a trait the Aquarians are attracted to. If you need to get a better understanding of your Arian partner’s habits, you can utilize our Love Ask a Question service so as to get a deeper understanding of your Aries partner.

Compatibility of the Aquarius Man to the Aries Woman
The Aries woman is very irritable and slow to calm down but when in a good mood she is loving and energetic. The Aries woman is attracted to the Aquarian man by his unconventional ways and his great sense of adventure. Though the Aquarian man is not usually punctual and often breaks the rules, he is known to enjoy his freedom and will allow his woman the same freedom. These qualities allow for the man to enjoy a dynamic life.

Compatibility of the Aquarius Woman to the Arian Man
The Arian man is a romantic at heart and this trait attracts the Aquarius woman. They are both great lovers and will enjoy intimacy together. They have strong social tendencies and enjoy the company of their friends and relatives. The Arian man has been known to sometimes prefer privacy and will prefer to be left alone on occasion. The Aquarius woman would be in need to handle the Arian man delicately as he is prone to anger and needs to be handled with patience. 

Love is a wonderful feeling and great experience but it can come to a shattering halt with cataclysmic consequences the moment things go wrong. A love forged with care and patience can endure the test of time. A Kundali matching report and a Birth Chart reading will take you relationship a long way.

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