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A Sagittarius is excessively ardent, capricious and juvenile to grasp the essentialness of the connection while a Virgo has an extensive look over the factors. Virgo's criticizing nature might pester the Archer. Their match could be honest assuming that they attempt to give appreciation to one another's choice. Deep understanding and forgiving each other may likely accommodate this love match on a long run. 

Virgo Man’s Match with Sagittarius Woman
A Virgo man is a loner and he might not be able to enjoy the beauty of life to its fullest, Whereas, a Sagittarius lady cherishes to appreciate each minute of life. She could find it difficult to tolerate his unreliable, rash and self-assertive nature while he might be disturbed because of her social butterfly nature. The connection absences longitivity, however that would be nothing to fear assuming that they attempt to bargain on the essential terms. 

Virgo Woman’s Match with Sagittarius Man 
The longitivity of this pair is quite troublesome to carry as they stand on the opposite sides. Sagittarius man is coquettish in nature who likes the association of young ladies. His egotistical nature may mischief her emotions as she is sincere and keeps realistic approach towards their relationship. This relationship would work if she attempts to direct his disposition towards her, instead of giving orders, as it would provoke his anger.

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