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Virgo is very clear in taking decision, they are managed and well planned, where as the Pisces wants to exist in fiction planet shedding their obligations on alternates bears. If both the sun signs tolerate one another and show some liberalism, this relation could work out well. Both of them are quite delicate by nature and don't point heightened in their personal life. 

Virgo Man’s Match with Pisces Woman
Virgo man is practical individual and is even minded by nature. They are so bashful and they do not like to express their sentiments. This nature of a Virgo man makes the Pisces lady feel sad and feels that she is lump on a log. Pisces lady is constantly enthusiastic to listen sentimental statements from her Virgo man, however is constantly frustrated. Due to their opposite nature, this relation does not seem to work well. And still, after all that things can work if one of them attempt to study to trade off. 

Virgo Woman’s Match with Pisces Man 
This match does not seem to long last as Pisces men are daydreamers who continuously manufacture the strongholds buzzing around. They constantly imagine things far at a distance from the pragmatic globe. All the proposed aspects divert Virgo lady as she likes to lead a reasonable life. Virgo lady needs to make her partner acknowledge concerning his unfeasible nature for their similarity to work well.