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The Virgo and Aquarian match is an average match. This love connection may absence to shape a zealous bond. They both are smart and brainy and go along during intellectual discussions. The Aquarius does not like to give justification for his actions, whereas Virgo has the tendency to tackle the situation consistently. They might attempt to satisfy one another's needs and necessities in their particular way. 

Virgo Man’s Match with Aquarius Woman
To keep their relation successful both Virgo man and Aquarius lady has to put in a lot of effort. A Virgo man is concerned about small matters of life, where as the Virgo lady keeps a positive approach for every aspect of life. Both may fill in as the origin of enthusiasm to one another through which they can realize their set objectives of life. They have average compatibility for their relationship.

Virgo Woman’s Match with Aquarius Man 
At the beginning stage both Virgo man and Aquarius lady may be pulled in towards one another's identity. However, as the time passes they might move at a distance from one another. There are quite slightest risks of dependability in this connection. An Aquarius man is commanding and mandating which may make a split in their association. Virgo lady may be interested by his positive nature yet soon be baffled for his terrible temper. This relation ought to be escaped as the similarity is not too exceptional.

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