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Scorpions are desirous, possessive, and prevailing, whereas the Geminians are narcissistic, indiscreet and strategic. Geminians are shining and enthusiastic, however they lack the capacity to stand envy and vengeful conduct. They adore and like to be perceived in social settings. On the contrary, Scorpions are undercover and look for privacy. Both are quite inverse in their deeds and movements. The Matching needs to battle a great deal to keep the connection on track. 

Scorpio Man Matching with the Gemini Women

The Matching is not implied for either of them, as the Scorpio man has loads of needs and expectation from her female partner, which should not be plausible for a Gemini lady to fufill. In the beginning, there might be some fascination for one another; however the relationship would not be able to be dragged faraway considering this factor. A Gemini lady has a rash and happy go lucky behavior, which is not tolerated by a Scorpio man. He is extremely suspicious and envious, which a Gemini lady consistently despises. 

Scorpio Women Matching with the Gemini Man

A Scorpio lady can be enthralled by the brightness and zeal of a Gemini man. He can be pulled in by her energy and dedication. Assuming that both the sun signs intermingle with each other, the result could be extravagant. However, due to the negative perspectives as desire and over demanding conduct of a Scorpio lady and the fretfulness and inconsistency of a Gemini man, they might make hindrances for themselves. Ganesha suggests that if they attempt to sort out the pit- falls the continuity of their relationship would be increased.

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