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Virgo is calculative and looks at every details factor in a situation before acting on it. On the other hand Sagittarius is unpredictable, juvenile and emotional. Though the characteristics are completely opposite but with mutual respect and proper understanding this pair can emerge as one of the best. 

Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman
The compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman has lots of issues. A Sagittarius Man likes to be around a lot of girls where as a Virgo Woman is dead serious about her relationship. Also problems may arise when a Virgo Woman tries to take command over his man that may even lead to disastrous results. The only way this relation will work if the she tries to understand his thoughts concerning her.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Woman and Virgo Man
The relationship between a Sagittarius Woman and a Virgo Man often is mainly short termed. This is due to the contradictory characteristics of both the Zodiacs. On one hand a Sagittarius Woman is lively, extrovert and believes in enjoying every moment of life. But on the other hand a Virgo Man is introvert and shy. That makes a Sagittarius Woman to think that her partner is careless and illogical. However if there is a mutual understanding regarding this basic traits then their love life can work out perfectly.

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