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Here is another pair made in heaven. The Sagittarius and Leo are romantically very compatible with each other. They share a relationship full of enjoyment, independence as well as adventure. They have strong bond of love and also enjoy being sociable. However the domineering nature of Leo and the playful nature of Sagittarians may create little problems but that can be overcomes easily.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman
Every relationship faces minor problems so does a relation between a Sagittarius Man and a Leo Woman. But if the drawbacks are overcome then this two zodiacs are among those sharing a passionate relationship. This is mainly because of the reason that both Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman have the same enthusiastic and zealous nature. Although a Leo woman needs to be cautious about the playful nature of the Sagittarius Man.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Woman and Leo Man
They are one among the most compatible Zodiac signs who share many similar characteristics. Both of them enjoy being the centre of the attraction and that is where there mutual understanding works in a perfect way. They love being together and create a life full of romanticism. They have a relationship which grows stronger with time and they share a long lasting love bond.

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