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The meeting of these two Zodiac Signs is a mission Impossible. They belong from the opposite poles. A Sagittarian is lively, jovial, impulsive, extrovert and highly intelligent. Whereas a Capricorn is shy, reticent, planned and loses her/his temper easily. The Sagittarians are of happy go lucky nature and the Capricorns are basically loners but trustworthy. A Capricorn can encourage the Sagittarian in path of their success but they never come in for front. The company of a Capricorn may prove to be boring for the high spirited Sagittarian. They are like two ends of a river that are trying to meet but cannot.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman
The chances of successful relationship are near about negligible when it comes to Sagittarius Man and Capricorn Woman. They are too different from each other. They are not capable of fulfilling each other’s needs expected from a life partner. However as every dark cloud has a silver lining so does it. If the Sagittarius Man can break the shell of his Capricorn Woman and make her more sociable then there can be a stable relationship. Also a Capricorn Woman can provide him with support in his path of reaching the victory.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man
The pair of Sagittarius Woman and Capricorn Man is made not to be successful. They have very divergent characteristics which often prove to be contradictory. A Sagittarius Woman is high spirited, outgoing and extremely sociable. But on the contrary a Capricorn Man is realistic, timid but loyal. They might not like the gregarious nature of the Sagittarius Woman. And in the same way the Sagittarius Woman thinks of the Capricorn Man as lame and dull. However true love and mutual understanding can create wonders for their relationship.

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