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Love Compatibility : Gemini - Virgo Love Compatibility

In Astrological terms, these two signs, Gemini & Virgo are very rational and intellectual people.  They are considered to be learned scholars who are well aware of many things in life and act practically. Their compatibility level increases mainly because of this reason. Even though, they do not have much common interests, their thoughts and decisions will be quite similar to one another. This love relationship may have problems when either of them express their real feelings towards each other. This love relationship can turn into a long happy relation when both of them are ready to learn the better aspects of their partners.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Virgo Woman
There will be a good start in a love relationship between a Gemini Man and a Virgo woman. They will have good time in the initial stages of this relationship as both of them are similar characteristics in nature. The love compatibility between these two signs is mainly increased because of their adjusting character. This love relationship will be a long term relationship only if Gemini changes his flirtatious nature and the Virgo woman is affectionate and stop nagging him all the time.
Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Virgo Man
There is a high level of understanding in this love relationship between a Gemini woman and a Virgo man. Most of the times, their thinking and beliefs will fall in the same direction. As they are both intellectual and learned scholars they will have same wave length. Although they have good relationship, they will also have few misunderstandings. But these couple will have no serious issues as long as they are honest with each other. 

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