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Love compatibility : Gemini - Taurus Love Compatibility

A Gemini and Taurus are totally different in their characteristics.  A Taurus is a person who acts steadily and never makes any hasty decisions. Before they take any important decision they would have analyzed well the pros and cons of it. Whereas, a Gemini is never in stable mind and they have a very wavering mind. As they are totally different people in characteristics feature, there may be few problems in their love relationship. But if they are ready to cooperate and learn from each other, there will be no issues.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus woman are very sensitive and possessive. They will be happy with a person who makes them secure and comfortable. A Gemini man is very charming and he can easily attract women. This will make the Taurus women jealous and this may be the reason behind any serious relationship problems. Even though this couple has good compatibility, it is better to get advice on their horoscope from an astrologer for marriage compatibility. Both of them have to put inj lot of efforts in understanding each other to make this relationship work. 

Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Taurus Man

A sensitive and a committed Taurus man and an ever cheerful Gemini woman would definitely make a lovely couple. Both of them will easily fall for each other at first sight. The first phase of a relationship may be very thrilling but the question is how long this work will for them. If both of them are ready to accept the other person for what they are, then there will not be any problems.  

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