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Love compatibility : Gemini - Gemini Love Compatibility

A Gemini is very versatile and inconsistent in nature. You can see two kinds of people in Gemini where in one hand they will be the most exciting and adventurous person and on the other hand, they will be very sad and panicky person.  They are capable of being in two different extremes. A Gemini person’s interest keeps changing from time to time and they expect their partner to understand them well. Their sun sign Mercury gives them the instability and impatience. Geminis are scared of commitment in life. The Astrology indicates that, Gemini make a good match for other signs like Leo, Aquarius and Aries. 

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Gemini Woman 
This love affair will be full of adventure and fun. In a love relationship between two Gemini people, both of them will be charming and talkative. They are always ready to try new things in life and together they always want to have fun. Though this may sound exciting in the beginning, they may get bored with each other soon. Hence, this relationship needs a deep understanding to make in work longer. As a Gemini usually listens to their mind rather than their heart, they may face many problems in the love affair.

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