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The compatibility of the Capricorn and the Virgo 
These zodiac sign have a lot in common and like the fact that they are both mature and have a sober approach towards life. They both enjoy solitude and are not into the romance aspect of relationships as much as other zodiacs. They focus a lot on hard work and tend to overlook the necessity for passion in their relationship.  The Virgo is neat and orderly while the Capricorn has a lot of self discipline. They need to focus on their sexual relations to keep this relationship alive. 


Compatibility of the Capricorn Woman and the Virgo Man
The Capricorn woman likes the security her Virgo man offers while she herself creates a loving atmosphere in the relationship and the fact that they feel each other so well creates a lot of understanding in every situation. Though their love is full of romance, this couple are not very sexual in nature with both preferring other activities to occupy their spare time. These similarities make their love match good and they stand a good chance of love.

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