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Capricorn - Pisces

The Compatibility of the Capricorn and the Pisces

These two zodiacs are different but there is a chance that that the relationship can work out. The Pisces lives a life of day dreaming while the Capricorn is a realist and likes to take on life head on. The Pisces is selfish and is least bothered about others but you will find that they supplement each other emotionally. The Pisces will admire the likeable traits of the Capricorn who will enjoy this show of admiration. 

The Compatibility of the Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman
There is love and passion in this relationship as the Pisces woman is affectionate and sincere and gives in to the Capricorn man which she too enjoys. This woman will be at her man’s side when everything around him is falling apart a thing the man will always appreciate and cherish. The woman is very fragile but the man is strong and focused will support his woman. This relationship has the highest compatibility on the love chart.

The Compatibility of the Capricorn Woman and Pisces Man
This is a perfect match up. The woman provides security for her man through intense love while the man is full of romance and passion. They have a combination of love, [passion and faithfulness and this is what keeps this relationship together. Their values complement each other and they have a good future together.


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