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The Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility

The Capricorn who is patient and thoughtful will clash with the Gemini’s easy going personality. The Gemini is impatient and has a low attention span. He will not follow rules and is extravagant and flirtatious. Anything boring will not hold the Gemini’s attention while the Capricorn will persevere even after the when doing boring tasks. The Capricorn will have to master a way of being patient with the Gemini and also learn to take things a little less seriously.  The Gemini on the other hand needs to less extravagant and scatterbrained. 

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Compatibility of the Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman
The Gemini woman is capricious and flirtatious while the Capricorn man is more devoted and cautious.  She is happy about the man’s devotion to his career get amused by his jealous nature. Astrologers have had issues with this match up and termed it as a not very successful one. The risk taking trait of the Gemini woman will be an issue with the man and she will also not like his boring nature. There will be initial interest but this will not hold for long unless both partners learn to accept the others approach to life.


Compatibility of the Capricorn Woman and the Gemini Man
The Gemini man is amorous and this attracts the Capricorn woman, alongside his quick thinking abilities. The Gemini man’s flirtatious nature will dampen the woman’s spirit towards the relationship. As the woman follows the cautious devoted route, the Gemini man will be the exact opposite seeking attention and being extravagant. Though the woman is patient at heart, she may not manage to tolerate his impulsive nature. For this relationship to work, the Gemini man will have to tone down on his flirting while teaching the woman to take things less seriously. 

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