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 Compatibility between the Two Capricorn Zodiacs
The Capricorn is reserved and cautious in nature and would therefore approve of someone similar to themselves. They are also honest and loyal to their partners and will therefore get along very well together. Sexually the Capricorn will need a more aggressive lover to keep the interest going as they themselves tend to be less creative in this part of the relationship meaning that the interest will easily die over time. 

The Compatibility of the Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman
Seeing as they are both in the same zodiac group, there is a high possibility that the relationship can work. They are both go getters and strive towards the same goal which is to achieve success. Showing emotion is not their strong suit and they are both cautious when it comes to love. They are both very focused on their careers and strive to achieve their goals first before anything else. All other things come second even getting intimate with each other which in the long run could turn out to be a risk towards the relationship. 

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