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The compatibility of the Capricorn and Cancer Zodiacs

Both the Capricorn and Cancer share traits that are very similar but they also have different qualities thus making it difficult to know if this two zodiacs are compatible or not. The Capricorn is quick to anger and is prone to sudden mood swings and the low attention span does not attract the Cancer’s attention in any way. They are both sexually attracted to each other though the Capricorn is not as attentive to these demands sometimes and this affects the Cancer’s interest.  So as to improve your relationship, we advice that you utilize our ‘Love Ask A Question’ service to gain a better understanding of your partner.

The Compatibility of the Capricorn Man and the Cancer Woman
The Cancer woman’s patience and love may be a turn off for the overzealous and overly ambitious Capricorn man who is more attracted to a controlling woman. Traits like faithfulness, patience and sexual passion are of little interest to the Capricorn man and trying to pass these qualities on to the Capricorn man will be daunting task.  The key to happiness for the Capricorn man with the Cancer woman would be patience and sensitivity towards her feelings.

Compatibility of the Capricorn Woman and the Cancer Man
There is attraction between the Cancer man and the Capricorn woman in the formative stages of the relationship though this relationship is not rated well on the compatibility scale. We find that the Capricorn woman is quick to temper and also a go getter while the Cancer man on the other hand gets mood swings and has a soft nature which are qualities that will not augur well in this relationship. Trust could be the key component in this relationship as indicated by the zodiac signs. 

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