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Cancer and Virgo are different characters who do not get along very well.  Inspite of this difference in characteristics features, a Cancer and a Virgo make a happy couple.  Cancerians are very emotional but Virgo people are practical people. Cancerian’s sensitive and immature behavior may bother their partner. Apart from these small issues, the Cancers are amused by the rational thinking ability of Virgo and the Virgos like the kind and affectionate features of Cancerians.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Virgo Woman
In this love relationship, the couple shares a deep understanding about each other.  The Cancer Man gives all the attention a Virgo Woman yearns for. He cherishes all their wonderful moments together. In the same way, the Virgo woman also extends her warmth and love to the Cancer Man.  They are highly compatible couple.  Their love relationship will work good till they have a mutual understanding and avoid any awkward situations.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Virgo Man
These two signs are bound to find their soul mate with each other. Their love compatibility is also very high that, it creates a long lasting happy love relationship. This will definitely result in good and blissful marriage life.  The Cancer woman is very sensitive and poignant who needs to be coaxed and wooed constantly. The Virgo Man makes sure he is there for her whenever she needs him.  Arguments and misunderstandings are also part of this relationship which arises when the couples do not express their true feelings to each other.  But, over time this couple will learn a lot and create a happy relationship. 

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