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The love compatibility between a Cancer and a Taurus is very composed and poised. Even though both of them are sensitive in nature, they try their best to make the other person happy in this relationship.  Both the Cancer and Taurus people are very sweet and caring people, with whom anybody would like to have a relationship with.  This couple is not very good at socializing and they prefer to be left alone to enjoy their own fantasy world.
Compatibility of Cancer Man and Taurus Woman:
This is an ideal love match with high love compatibility between them.  As both of them are caring nature, they take this relationship seriously. On one hand, Taurus woman eagerly waits to shower her love and affection to her partner. And on the other hand, Cancer Man reciprocate his love by giving her the due respect and loyalty. Together, this couple leads a happy romantic life which makes a happy home.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Taurus Man:
 In this  Love relationship, both the Cancer woman and Taurus Man have the thirst to satisfy each other’s needs which creates a very compatible relationship between them.  Both of them fulfill each other in all aspects and that is what makes this a very special relationship.  He tries his hard to fulfill all her needs and expectations.  The Taurus woman is very protective about his partner. This makes her very comfortable and feel secured with him. At times, the Taurus Man may be little commanding and controlling which is not good for a healthy relationship. 

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