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A Cancer and Scorpio couple can make a happy and loving couple. They are totally different in characters but yet they connect well in all levels in this relationship.  These two different characters will find their soul mates in each other. The love compatibility level is also high between these two zodiac signs. They easily get attracted to the partner’s characters which are totally new to them. This mutual understanding is the glue to this relationship between Cancer & Scorpio. Cancerians are the loving and caring partner whereas Scorpions are the possessive and protective partner.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman
A love match between a Cancer Man and s Scorpio woman is an ideal match with lots of Love and affection. The Cancer Man is emotional and gets easily influenced by his Scorpio woman. She gives him all the moral support for him in life and helps in achieving all his dreams. Sometimes, there may be problems in the relationship when Cancer Man turns too much possessive about his partner. Once they try to avoid these small issues between them, this relationship will be so much of fun.
Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man
This couple will not only have a highly compatible love relationship, but also a very passionate relationship. The Cancer woman easily falls for Scorpio Man’s honesty and bravery.   They have a strong bonding both physically and emotionally. This couple is considered to be one of the most romantic couples.  Unless possessiveness comes in the way, this couple will have a happy and a long lasting relationship. 

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