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 This love couple also does not have high scores in the love compatibility. Sagittarius are straightforward and intellectual people who do not give much importance to emotions. But cancerians are compassionate and emotionally unstable people who are weak and fragile. They have different opinions and tastes in life. A Sagittarius will like to have fun outside home whereas the Cancer people would like to stay at home and enjoy their privacy. The Sagittarians will try to coax the cancerians emotions through their humor and affection which will work positively.  If both of them want the relationship to work, they will have to put in some time and effort. 

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman
Though they do not have high compatibility, they still have chances to make this relationship happy and long lasting. If they try to understand their differences, they can come up with solutions.  When the Sagittarius woman fulfills all the Cancerians dreams and expectations and when the Cancer Woman gives the personal space for the Sagittarius woman, this couple will have a great life together.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man
A love relationship between a Cancer Woman and a Sagittarius Man can be very exciting love relationship with high compatibility. When they are ready to learn the positive things from each other, it will make a lot of difference in their relationship. When Cancer woman starts exploring the world beyond home and Sagittarius man enjoys the small things within home, this relationship reaches the next level of happiness.  

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