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 A love relationship of a Cancer & Pieces can be called as the one of the best love matches. As both of them are water signs, they have a deep understanding about each other. Even though, they come from separate ways, they share many common grounds.  The Cancerians are influenced by the Piscean and this is the important feature in their love relationship. Both of them are very much affectionate to each other and hold them dearly. 

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Pisces Woman
This couple can be rightly said that they complete each other. The initial attractiveness between them never seems to wear off and it holds the relationship for a really long time. Cancer Man wants the Pisces woman to be his soul mate. She brings lot of new and exciting things to his conservative life. She is like the fireworks in his boring life which will keep him amused and happy. Also, they will have a romantic and passionate love life.  Together, they will enjoy every moment of life. 

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Pisces Man
A Cancer Woman and a Pisces Man can be great companions than great couple. They admire and respect each other.  He makes her feel very special and she also makes him happy by showering her endless love and affection. They are perfect for each other. As they are in their own world, they need to be practical about certain things in life. If they realize this and act accordingly, there will be no problems in this relationship.

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