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Basically, these two signs are so very different and the chances of them getting along are very less. They expect different things in life. The Librans are very fun loving people who love socializing with other people. They also like to go on adventures and likes to try new things in life. They are also little impulsive which may end up tragically some times. But Cancerians are very emotional kind of people who like to spend time alone or with family and close friends only. Librans may not understand Cancerians as they are totally opposite to each other. 

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Libra Woman
These two zodiac signs are not meant to be together. Although there may be initial attractiveness, it may not last long. The love and affection they have for their partners may wear off sooner or later.  The main problem is the lack of understanding which is of key importance in any relationship. A libra woman spends lavishly while the Cancer Man is very cautious in Money handling. Cancer Man is very sensitive but the Libra woman is relaxed and light hearted person. Although they are totally different in character, this relation may work out if both of them put effort to understand each other.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Libra Man:
The compatibility is quite low in a relationship between a Cancer Woman and a Libra Man. A Cancer Woman who is very sensitive natures will expect lot from her partner and also gets easily upset when her expectations are not fulfilled by her partner. Cancer woman will be sad and very complaining about the love relationship which may also annoy the Libra Man.  This creates a lot of problems in their love relationship. 

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