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This love relationship between a Cancer and Leo can create a happy married life for this couple.  As they are inter dependent couple, the love compatibility if high in this relationship.  A Leo takes the lead and proceeds ahead, followed by Cancerian who is totally dependent on their partner. A Cancerian will be very supportive and encouraging to Leo in all his endeavors. They have a good chemistry working in this relationship.  Although they love each other dearly, their attitude and the nature keeps the relationship going.
Compatibility of Cancer Man and Leo Woman:
In this relationship, the expectations of both the people vary and their interests are also different.  When the couple are matured enough to understand and co operate with each other, this relationship will work for them. Leo woman expects affections and praise from her partner. But the Cancer Man may not be able to satisfy them always as they are not very expressive people.  To make this relationship work really well, the couple have to be sensitive to others feelings and act accordingly.
Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Leo Man
This Love couple is one of the best scorers in the love compatibility. They make a perfect couple who love spending time with each other. They perfectly understand the each other’s needs and tries honestly to fulfill the same. A Cancer Woman expects respect and affection from her partner which the Leo Man provides immediately. They are emotionally bonding couple.  Loyalty and pure love are the two main attributes which makes this a successful love relationship

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