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 A Cancer and a Gemini are totally different from each other and they do share any common ground.  Their philosophies towards life are also very different.  Gemini gives more importance to words, but a Cancerian prefers to act than just expressing in words.  Inspite all the difference in opinions, they stil get attracted to each other. The humorous Gemini easily attracts the Cancerian.  Cancer brings in stability and loyalty in this relationship.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Gemini Woman:
The love compatibility may not be very high in this relationship.  The Caner Man is quite possessive and protective. A liberal Gemini may not like this characteristic feature.  This Love relationship will be filled with accusations and arguments. The initial attraction created by the Cancerians’s passion may disappear after some time.  A Gemini woman is not a very committed person. So, if she reduces her flirtatious nature and be more focused on her Cancer Man, they make this relation work.
Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Gemini Man:
In this love match, both of them are easily attracted to each other in the beginning. Her personality and character will attract the Gemini Man. And she in turn will be excited about his zest and passion.  Mostof the times, this initial attractiveness do not tend to stay long.  Many difference in opinions may arise which may lead to arguments and misunderstandings.  If you want to make this a happy relationship, both the Cancer and Gemini has to understand each other and make them feel secured in all ways. 

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