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This is a complicated couple as they have lot in common yet they are so different in nature.  They are both are emotional and loyal but they still have very lean chances of getting along. Cancerians are very sensitive but Capricorns are logical and they do not take things seriously. They take life as it comes and never stress their mind. Cancerians are complaining about their life most of the time which infuriates the Capricorns. The most common characteristics between these two signs are, they both are passionate lovers. 

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman
The Cancer Man and Capricorn woman may seem to have lot of fun in the beginning of this love relationship. There are many possibilities that this may not continue till the end.  The sensitiveness of Cancer Man and the impatient Capricorn woman can fuel the arguments and fights in this love relationship. When both of them put in efforts to understand and trust each other, this relationship may take new turns. 

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man
A Cancer Woman and a Capricorn Man cannot be in a happy relationship.  The Capricorn Man is a straightforward and a career oriented person who do not care about emotions.  He will not realize the love and affection of the Cancer woman. The cancer Woman is exact opposite to him, who is very sensitive. She may not feel very safe in his arms unless he tries to understand her and soothe her.   

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