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Cancer people are the most poignant and sensitive people. These people know the value of Love relationship and they are deeply attached to family. Any  outburst of anger and rudeness hurts them badly. Also, they cannot be easily pleased in a relationship. They expect lot of romance and sweetness from their partners.  Though they do not share much about their life or problems, they will always be there to listen and console you.  Cancer people are very conservative in nature. Also, they are very loving and affectionate people who are there to help you at any time.

Compatibility of Cancer Man and Cancer Woman
A love relationship between two Cancerians is not a perfect match. It is more like a mirror image. Both of them are sensitive and never try to understand the other person. Being very emotional makes them unaware of the need to understand each other in a relationship. The old saying “Like poles repel” works true for this love match. There may be many arguments and fights between them. Unless they take time to understand their partners, this relationship will not have a chance of surviving. 

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