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Aquarians are considered to be independent and obstinate. On the other hand, the Cancerians are very sensitive and they will never be satisfied with Aquarians. Aquarians would like to explore new things in life and in the process of doing so; they tend to forget the family and friends.  They do not share any emotional bonding with the family but Cancerians are exact opposite to them. In Short, this love relationship of a Cancer & Aquarius may not have a happy ending except in very rare cases.
Compatibility of Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman
A  Cancer Man and a Aquarius woman cannot make a happy love relationship.  The Aquarius woman is independent and do not like to be involved in any sentimental family circumstances. She prefers to stay alone rather than spending time with her loved ones. But the Cancerians are exact opposite to this character. They are very sensitive and care a lot about family and they are very much attached to their families. They can never have a compatible relationship.

Compatibility of Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man
This couple match also does not score well in the love compatibility. A sensitive and complaining Cancer woman will never be happy with the independent Aquarius Man. The Cancer woman will be satisfied with the partner who shows her constant love and affection. But Aquarius Man is not the right match for her as he is not very good in handling relationships. Only if the Aquarius Man tries to understand the emotional and fragile nature of the Cancer woman, this love relationship may succeed. 

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