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  • Career Astrology Dr. Meghna Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:32 PM IST

    Career Vedic Astrology to turn your life into success

    Career Vedic Astrology to turn your life into success! Career Vedic astrology is so full of magical success whilst people can hardly take to utilizing it in their daily lives! This is so close to being real and effective – using Career Vedic Astrology. As the year 2014 is closed we find ourselves looking ahead for a great start to the new year with courage to start a new job and foresight that what a terrible year that was! We must look ahead to what our stars foretell to get through a positive new beginning. .... read more

  • Career Astrology Acharya Dinesh Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:33 PM IST

    A career destined to success

    There are fundamentally three main indicators that astrologers seek in every chart to work best for individual career as per career astrology. The planet Saturn, Zodiac sign Capricorn and the tenth house or the lord planet. For an individual in his or her career whatever little call or divine provision is there would additionally be determined where the position of Saturn has been placed..... read more

  • Career Astrology Dr. Punam 29-07-2016 @ 02:34 PM IST

    The popular acclaim of Vedic career Astrology

     Vedic career astrology is in fact a growing science which offers a multitude of answers on many things. These may be connected to a new or old cause though every human being might desire for ever more benefits..... read more

  • Career Astrology Acharya Dinesh Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:35 PM IST

    A career in the engineering profession help of astrology

    A healthy profession is the main role which governs individual life as he/she grows. The livelihood is  foremost on mind of any individual.  It is about gaining friends, learning skills, new business, entering new professional field and /or imparting knowledge. Apart from medicine or engineering, there are numerous ways one can earn livelihood. Nowadays everyone is concerned about their right career and career growth. From an astrological calculation the native individual can determine their rewarding profession with desirable results and also achieve an inner satisfaction. A career prediction which includes way the events unfold would be double in benefit later. People make queries and inquire about how their chosen best profession would get them better livelihood..... read more

  • Career Astrology Acharya Dinesh Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:35 PM IST

    Advanced Predictions from Horoscopes

    Many people expected 2020 to be a year of complete miscalculations. It was unpredictable earlier and the forecasts were unforthcoming. 2020 year was easily made out using the 2020 horoscope on basis of day and date. Horoscope depends upon the day of birth and planetary positions on same month and date..... read more

  • Career Astrology Marut Singh Bisht 29-07-2016 @ 02:36 PM IST

    Career Horoscope Reading Is Based on Science

    It is been proved that astrology is in some ways based on scientific logics. People use astrology to predict certain things about their future. Such expectations about people, their personalities, their lives and other issues are somewhere generate on the basis of scientific knowledge and scientific tools. Some of the practical evidence also proves that astrology partially depends on scientific logics and on the other some says there is no science in generating Astrological expectations. People who have stated that future expectations about their lives have worked for them also believe that scientific reasons influence Astrology in a logical way..... read more

  • Career Astrology Acharya Dinesh Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:37 PM IST

    Career Horoscope And Your Planets

    According to Indian Astrology the most important planet that plays considerable role in career and profession is Saturn. Saturn is one of the strongest planets that give difficulties as well as trouble in life. If the planet positioned unpleasantly, the result can be horrendous..... read more

  • Career Astrology Marut Singh Bisht 29-07-2016 @ 02:38 PM IST

    Astrology Can Tell The Most Suitable Time For Your Next Career Move

    Know The Secret Of What Controls Your Career Your 10th house is the place which affects your career graph, depending on the planet sitting there. (Note: Check the last part of this article to know your personal transits.) Transits are “astrological” planet positions which affect related areas of your life including your personal and professional life. A favorable transit will get you good news, like a promotion, or appreciation in your job. Certain transit may open doors for a new job opportunity. Yet, certain transit may cause a career move which may not be good for you. There are five transiting planets which may affect your career, these include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Read below as how do they affect your career-.... read more

  • Career Astrology Dr. Meghna Sharma 29-07-2016 @ 02:39 PM IST

    Career astrology Nakshatra for Aquarius and pieces

    Career astrology Dhanishta Nakshatra: Range 23°20’ Capricorn to 06°40’ Aquarius Professions: Managers in different fields, top level healers who are associated with Kundalini Yoga and other types of Holistic Healing, musical instrument makers, soldiers and others involved in the military profession, .... read more

  • Career Astrology Dr. Meghna Sharma 27-10-2016 @ 12:00 PM IST

    Career Astrology Nakshatra for Libra and Scorpio

    Career Astrology Chitra Nakshatra: Range 23°20’ Virgo-06°40’ Libra. Professions: The creative lines especially that are related to craftsmanship and artistry are perfect for this Nakshatra. People born under this Nakshatra tend to be prosperous in fields like creative industry inclusive of fashion and interior designing along with jewelry designing. .... read more