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Why to worship Shani Dev

According to some of our best Indian astrologers, you should worship Lord Shani Dev if there is an ädvavya”in your horoscope and there is a great influence of Saturn in your race. The Indian astrologers also suggest that worshipping Lord Shani wades off the evil effect on you and your business and domestic life. According to our age old Vedic astrology, those individual who are born under the influence of Lord Shani Dev are believed to have influence of negativity in their life and encounters loads of misfortune, adversity, loss and obstacles in their life. Some of the renowned best Indian astrologers even suggest that these misunderstandings, myths are actually not as true as believed by the people. Astrologers believe, under the super influence of the lord, one leads an established and self-disciplined life. There is no space for discrimination and inequality.

Why to worship Shani dev:

We are blesses as we have best Indian astrologers, who guides us in every walk of our lives. They believe that under Lord Shani Dev, our body organs and its functionalities are governed. God controls our nerves, cells, skin, teeth etc. 
Let me share some of the most believed thoughts about Lord Sahni Dev. It is strongly believed that Lord Shani Dev can generate circumstances where we lack enthusiasm, lack stimulation, and lack apparition. God can turn a committed path and create happiness with his ability and make our life full of confidence, commitment and happiness. It is believed Lord Shani Dev is a very simple lord and does not follow any unruly path such as deceit and un fair means.  God supports all who believe in him and under all circumstances. Since Saturn is considered a slow moving planet, Lord Shani Dev rules over restrictions and limitations. He does this not to deny us, but to substitute the lessons that we must learn in order to evolve spiritually. 
The experiences of loss and frustration help us to become detached. Through taking away our attachments, Shani Dev reveals the truth about our worldly life and the limitations of the body and mind. We slow down. We anticipate more. We differentiate prior to taking action. Through this difficult and often painful process, the great spiritual quality of self-discipline blossoms, and we develop a strong foundation of structure and meaning in our lives. What initially appeared to be bad luck was actually Lord Shani’s way of strengthening us with divine qualities. We remember our true nature as truth, beauty, and bliss. 

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