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Why a Libra woman does not date a Libra Man

We are influenced by the positions of the planets; they are significant to determine how we are and what we do. Though different elements and various attributes such as love compatibility horoscope, career predictions and astrological calculations help us sort our confusions, yet it becomes important to know who characteristics or qualities are perfectly set with us , so one can decide by  reading the love compatibility level  to take a firmer decision.

Understanding a Libra man and a Libra woman:

Libra men are known for their charming nature and love the position of authority. He respects his individuality and ability to change whenever he wishes too. This quality seems a threat to our Libra lady, since she finds herself suffocating, since she needs her space and authority of independence.
A Libra women loves to put a point an argue as she possess a great sense of argument, the similar qualities of a Libra male does not leave any comfort for the Libra lady, hence she chooses a different man.
Libra man and Libra woman do tend to get well given a situation, however she tries to let his masculinity enhance, but carefully withdraws the love and affection, this displeases the Libra man as he feels dominated and trapped. This results in minor a tiff which graduates to arguments and differences.
Libra man always gives the love and care that a Libra woman craves for. He ushers lots of respect and understands her as if his own. Their relationship flourishes together will in the initial stage. Every emotion seems fulfilled. They form strong bond. However problem arises when Libra men wants solicitor and his privacy is not granted, since she feels neglected and ignored. She is by now habitual of his talk and attention, hence when he looks for “me time” she raises her voice and questions, which Libra men does not appreciate.
Libra men and women posses similar qualities and too many of that. Too much of anything is not good-with same good traits and same bad traits –they tend to lose the charm of new discovery. They end up with lots of arguments and debates and end up each trying to win the debate; they get mentally exhausted, and start treating each other differently. Their emotions are lost time and again and their love gets lost. Libra women thus caution her whenever she meets a man of her Zodiac sign.
With time their action speaks larger than words in public, they feel pulled away.
Since Librans hates Solitaire the Libra lady tries and connects emotionally with her own and consoles herself. 

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