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What is Kundli Dosh and How it Affects Marriage

How much Kundli matching in marriage matters? Does it matter at all during marriage and what significance does it have? Is it the right time for my marriage?  Is he the right groom? Will he be compatible? and more such questions pop up in our mind when we talk about marriage. Astrology plays a very vital role in resolving these questions to a great extent.  
According to the marriage prediction astrology, it is very important to match the kundlis of the bride and the groom, as the result can either break or set you to a right or a wrong partner and more.

What is Kundli Dosh and how it affects marriage?

When we compare the kundlis of the prospect bride and the groom - both the kundlis have 32 aspects, and out of the 32 aspects a minimum of 18 aspects should match to grant the marriage. If it does not, the kundlis are said to have a dosh –I.e.  Shortfall of aspects during compatibility. 
To know more about the Kundli dosh and its impact on marriage, let us glance through the following: 
Utmost importance is given to compatibility between the two sides. These impacts cannot be simply avoided as it ruins the living relationship of two individuals.
The positions of the planets specially mars determines the type of dosh. The common one is Mangal Dosh. If during compatibility exercise the planet Mars is positioned in first ,second, fourth , seventh and eighth ,twelfth houses of an individual’s kundli , the individual is said to have this dosh. The consequences can be anything from postponement for marriage date time and on, regular fights at home, disagreements and even death of the spouse. The second dosh is the one in which the astrologer who is matching the kundlis finds dosh in both the side , hence terms it as Nadi dosh. These couples if married, experience unhealthy relationship, unsatisfactory personal life , mismatched temperament and finally leads to divorce.
The next and the third type of Kundli dosh is the Bhakut Dosh, which impacts the married life and in true sense the financial status falls drastically. The life spans of the partners are affected, minimizing the chances of conception, which ultimately results in unsatisfying married life. It leads to unpleasant experience and adds on mental and emotional stress.
It is believed that if Kundli dosh from both the side is with equal density, then only they should get married. A Kundli dosh does not allow the holder to get married to a person who does not have a kundli dosh. It becomes very important to match the Kundli to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 
The longevity of relationship seems frail. It has resulted in deva sting outcomes, divorces and in some cases even untimely death of the spouse.

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