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what is good for Libra in April

According to the zodiac calendar, Libra monthly horoscope is fast paced and everything around is bounded with significant attributes of life and hope. They are fortunate to be blessed with the opportunities to travel and explore the world around.
During the month of April, 2017 all Librans will have an inclination to focussing their thought on their longings and cravings. The romantic relationship will develop and yield blissful results. All they require is to be patient and take life at a slow pace and not get excited or hyper. The horoscope by name predicts all Librans to take a little time off since Venus, who rule them is on a retrograde phase since Early March and will continue to do so since April 15. 
The Libra monthly horoscope clearly shows that Venus, will take a little time to be fully active and functional since it cannot just wake up, it sees the universe with all its blessings from mid-April onwards, though she will awake and start her blessings she will be in her full form from May 18th onwards with all her might.
We do tend to believe in the horoscope by name. All Libra should note that Venus which is an important planet in their horoscope and the custodian of passion, bondings, entertaining and extravagance, and talent, sources of profit and gain all depends on the position of Venus. 
April is a month wherein Librans should be careful and not go for any surgical work, one should not try anything to change their appearance or looks since it is quite clear with the planetary position that you will not like the result. Abstain from buying imported or expensive jewellery or ornaments, avoid giving away money or materialistic objects for charity benefit – the appreciation will be nil. If you are willing to buy a property or an asset, wait till the retrograde phase is over.
Invest time for your relation, both official and personal – this is the time when you can heal the wounds and cure it. Love is in full bloom this month for all Librans according to the Libra monthly horoscope. Delay inaugurating a new venture or contracting – it would not reap fruitful results.
DO consult an astrologer who knows about horoscope by name, he will certainly guide you through this retro month. They value fairness and justice above most things, and are natural soothers and harmonizers.
One needs to understand the expression of the beautiful new and full moons. Albeit April is not likely to be similar to any month you’ve experienced in the recent past. This will behave as a month of high disparity, so you’ll need to stay alert every moment. Though you will be guided by the positive force of Jupiter in Libra, but One still needs to use his clever and witty behaviour to wade off situations.

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