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Second House Career Astrology for Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

Second House Career Astrology for Virgo Libra Scorpio

VIRGO as sign on second house career astrology
With Virgo on the 2nd House you are a Leo Ascendant. Hence, it essential for you to know how you should take the approach towards resources and money. 
You are Leo Ascendant which means standing out of the crowd and shining in your own right is something that matters most to you. Moreover, as Virgo is on the 2nd House you have to be analytical as well as discriminating. Your desire to draw attention and extravagant nature are not going to help you out in your professional field. So you must take steps to get rid of such psychology if you want your career to be fruitful. You have to be discriminating as well as practical in order to have a successful career. You are gifted with an analytical mind and an intellect that not many people are lucky enough to get. However, you have to develop survival skills and have to get rid of the egoistic approach at your work place. It is essential for you to give equal importance to your own requirements as to your work. You have to be very careful regarding monetary issues and if you are attentive enough your investments would yield good results. 
LIBRA  as sign on second house career astrology
As Libra is resting on the 2nd House you are a Virgo Ascendant. You must know who to approach towards your money and resources in order to have a good career. 
When Libra rests on the 2nd House, it requires the person to develop diplomacy, harmony and balance. You also have to know how to appreciate others. Cultivating these qualities can prove to be an important factor in a successful career. You have a much critical approach towards life, owing to being Virgo Ascendant. Libra would require you to develop diplomatic skills that would help you interact with others in a much better way. Harmony and balance are the two greatest gifts that you have you have to mingle with others. In fact, your survival depends on how well you can mingle with others, how you appreciate others and how you communicate with others. You can have a good career in interior design, architecture, sculpture, painting, writing and other creative fields where you will have the freedom to exercise your talent. Partnership business is also likely to suit you and you can create a good career in such a field. Investments can also prove to be a source of regular income for you. 
SCORPIO  as sign on second house career astrology
Having Scorpio on the 2nd House makes you a Libra Ascendant. Therefore, you have to know what approach you should take in order to secure your resources and money. 
As a matter of fact, when Scorpio rests on the 2nd House you need to have a deep sense of perception as well as an intensity of purpose. Remaining concerned about personal issues would make things tough for you. You have personal power and all that you need to do is to make use of that power. You know how to socialize with people and are conscious about harmonization, but your depth of perception is not that good. You have to go deeper rather than scratching the surface. Your ability to recollect experience and information would help you a lot in your career. You have to involve yourself completely in what you do in order to get the best results. Be optimistic about your financial affairs and try to work hard to realize your dreams. With the help of your determination you will be able to overcome all obstacles that can come in your way, thus helping you secure domestic comfort through financial security. However, you have to be judgmental while investing in programs that can result in development in future. 



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