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prospects of career astrology in the software industry

prospects of career astrology in the software industry

Career astrology is becoming popular again. Astrology is a study which requires studying the positions and changes in the movements of celestial bodies. These changes are said to have effects in human affairs. Several people have termed it as fiction while some believe it. Astrological studies can predict the personality, traits and even some habits of people. Each person is categorized to a sign which classifies people. For example people born in the early month of June is Gemini. Some even graduate in this particular field.  The signs which groups people are 12 in total. These zodiac signs are divided according to the dates of the month. The 12 zodiac signs are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, cancer, Leo, Aries, Scorpio.
Career in astrology
Career astrology can be lucrative depending on the place you live in. As this is the 21st century, people believe more in science and proof rather than in predictions. But these stuffs do come true sometimes and then these can't be ignored.  Prospects are increasing in the field of astrology. Still there are very few courses and universities where you can apply for future studies in the field of astrology.  Career in astrology and be prosperous if you have good communication skills. Most people tend not to believe in these stuffs. But if you have good communication skills and know how to gel well with people it's going to be  a cake walk for you. 
How can it be linked to the software industry
With the advancement of technology, astrology can be utilized here too. Several softwares which can predict future my mapping down charts have been launched. These softwares have been received well by the audience. Most of these softwares can even predict about love and  sex. These softwares have been developed to take input from the users and then generate charts and details about your future. The inputs which are taken includes, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth etc.. These data are then fed into a program which finds an out your zodiac sign, the position of the celestial bodies when you were born and more. These programs are designed to predict your lucky numbers, lucky years, lucky colours and even lucky days. 
Benefits of career astrology
There are loads of benefits of career astrology. These benefits do not only include monetary prospects. If you do well you get fame as no matter how much people say its superstitious, people still believe in it in some amount. Several benefits are listed below.
1. If you get successful, the money is really good.
2. This field of work is contagious and people may come flocking to you.
3. Predictions about special topics like love and sex can get you more pay.
4. Softwares available which will make charts and ot5her predictions hence you won't have to do it the traditional way. 
Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are several other benefits like if you have good intuitions, you need not enrol into a course. The subject can be learned with some interest and determination. 
Love and sex predictions with astrology

True love can be hard to find. It can be a lot easier if there could be programs or application to predict these. Well, it is possible in today’s time. There have been released several applications and softwares which can today predict about love and sex.  Though these softwares cannot be obviously predicted the names but it can predict time and year. These often come true as these are predicted by finding out the positions of celestial bodies which play a key role in these kind of predictions. Most importantly, these software or applications have been coded to work with any supported gadgets like phone, Smartphone or laptop.   

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