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Meaning of our Dreams

According to Online astrology predictions, dreams are actually not possible in real life though they are always welcomes by one and all. We do not have evidence since when we first started to “dream a dream”; however this is a mystery which many of us do not even make an effort to unveil, since we love its existence in our life. Many of our Online astrologers predictions are made in their own manuscripts and scriptures have detailed their understanding and descriptions related to dreams, yet there is lot more for us to understand. Surprisingly dreams can be appealing and at the same time horrifying.
What basically do the dreams signify? Online astrology predictions have described some of their findings: which are listed below for your reading and understanding the subject;

Dreams can be categorized into four main types: abstract, Related to real life, lasting dreams and Strange and scary dreams. What are the meanings of the dream? Well there are millions of dreams that we all dream in our lifetime and since there are so many it is difficult to pin down all, however few very interesting interpretation are:

  • Dreaming of a leader or a preacher is an auspicious sign. 
  • Dreaming of a fortune teller signifies a sudden search in the fortune.
  • Dreaming of Goddess Lakshmi signifies that the dreamer is soon to be blessed by her. 
  • Dreaming numbers is an auspicious sign and signifies receiving of wealth from lottery, race, speculation or gambling.
  • If you dream someone weeping or mourning in the dream indicates peace and prosperity for you.
  • Dreaming of a king is an auspicious sign that indicates fulfillment of desires.
  • Dreaming of a beggar  is an inauspicious
  • Dreaming of robbers indicates imminent crisis.
  • Dreaming of Death of the self or a relative indicates an increment in the expected life span of the concerned person
  • Dreaming of Killing someone augurs well. It shows your win in a dispute and on your enemy.
  • Dreaming of you sinking in water or swamp indicates a painful death.
We encounter trillion varieties of sequences in the dream but still these seem to be interminable. Some of this instance does have definite indication but most of them are hollow and pointless. It is not possible to interpret all the sequences that more than 6 trillion people of the world dream in their dreams nor is it possible to count all these stages. 
One dreams without any control or limitations; enjoy and live the moment since it brings a smile in your face, which is a miss in this fast paced world.

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