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Interesting facts about Kundli

According to our ancient Hindu Vedic astrology, the position of the planets or celestial bodies is used to predict various happenings in our life including the match making for marriage. This astrological chart or “kundli”acts as a brief snapshot of the planetary position and our astrologers based on their experience and learning analyses the good and bad co-relations between the astrological events and the “kundi” and most importantly creates scope for modifications in one’s lifestyle if any.

Astrologers study the Kundli and tries to match the compatibility between the two individuals, it is believed there are mapped with 36 point percentile, to give a go ahead for the “milap” or marriage a minimum of 18 such point percentile should match, if the match percentage is less than 18 points – it is considered as a sign of warning and the astrologer offsets the effect, however if the scale matches more than 18 it is considered balanced for the union and new relationship.
More the scale matches it is merrier.

There is nothing written on stone, we usually have a pre notion that if there is a negative impact in the Kundli- our destiny is in stake, however the individual reactions are all deepens on the social, cultural and environmental events which might not be indicative but we form a rigid notion It shows the possibilities of events, quality of events and possible timings. All that is required to try and believe that kundli is not the ultimate destiny, let us try and use it to understand what exactly could be and how to live a life but without a pre-notion.
Let’s live a life full of contentment, satisfaction and positivity and this is what is taught and guided by our learned Indian astrologers.

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