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Interesting and true facts about Aquarius

We in India strongly believe in our astrologers and the daily horoscope. We even name astrology as “divine light”, some call it “darpan jeewan ka’ yet everyone waits to read the daily horoscope .The subject line might be different so are the contents, yet like we cannot start our day without a cup of tea, one cannot start his day without reading the daily horoscope.
Indian astrology is deeply rooted and through continuous research our learned astrologers are able to share their understanding and predictions to show us the right rack through daily horoscope. 

Interesting and true facts about Aquarius:

Knowing an Aquarius person is interesting since they posses both hot and cold qualities and are difficult to read.
Aquarius is very independent personalities, they do not want anyone to give them a helping hand, just let them go with the flow and they will be their own self. If a situation arises where you have to set challenge for an Aquarius, better do not speak at all since they possess: never fail” attitude, on another front you might feel guilty of your intentions!
They have a tendency to get their work one –no matter how. They are very lovable only till such time they wish to. If they are in love they will announce it to the world will not keep it under wraps, yet a note of caution betraying them will invite trouble.
They are initiators and never take back steps to experiment. They are “know all” material .If you happen to meet one and try to judge his ability –drop your idea, you will find yourself being interviewed by the Aquarian in due course.
Aquarians are never adaptable, they will never ever adjust just to accommodate your request or need. Though they are passionate about people they like or love, yet they do not possess the quality of adaptability at all.
They want to enjoy everything now! They do not believe in forecast or future , whatever their heart says they go by it.They are always in a move, if the job does not please him , he will take no time to look for another one in search of solace.
The most interesting and true fact about our Aquarian friend is that they cannot stand doubt, if you give reasons to instill doubt in his mind –he will never turn to give it a second thought. You can see him walk away at the top of a hat.
Handle Aquarian friends with love, trust and care-you will be surprised with the response!

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