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Virgo Horoscope for Career

Career Horoscope for Virgo

Virgo Horoscope for Career

Virgos are sincere, observant and hard working. They do not work for passing the time but they work to improve their personality. They are a good Planner. It can be holiday or work related issue, they are the right people to study a plan. Virgos never leave any stone unturned in doing their work. One can get a clear idea and good understanding of a project when a Virgo is working on it. Virgos are the perfectionists.    
Careers for Virgos:
Being a perfectionist every profession is appropriate for a Virgo. 
Virgos are basically well organized and very neat and clean, that makes them managers in hotels, nurses in hospitals, personal attendants, administrative assistance and so on. 
Another characteristic that a Virgo has is the observant nature which makes them tax officers, investigation jobs, handling loans or any kind of profession that includes research work and sometimes legal analytics. 
Virgos are very good in communicating with people, marketing or media profession thus always a better option for a Virgo. 
Their analytical skill makes them good engineers, mathematicians and so on.
How Mercury will be influencing your career horoscope :
In case of Virgo, the lord of the house is Mercury. Virgo is an earthy sign and the 10th house that is the house of career is Gemini.
With the influence of Mercury Virgo people may see a drop in the growth of their career. On the other there is a chance of a good turnover this year for the Virgos who are into business. 
Consequences of planetary influences in different times of the year:
Through the first 3 months of the year transiting Mercury will affect your career and make a little tough for you. One needs to put extra effort to accomplish the work. Even one can have a situation where there will be a need of new ideas to finish the projects. From the first week of February till the end of that month Mercury will be in retrograde motion which will affect the targets and can delay your work. Certain amount of disturbances along with minor mistakes can take place and create a miscommunication between you and your associates.
During the month of April, Mercury is transiting in sign Pisces, which will cause a bad health or loss of energy. This can lead to delaying or postponing work. By the end of April you can have miscommunication with the colleagues and the higher authority as well. Your wok can be criticized. A Virgo at this stage should have patience and should avoid differences with the colleagues. During the entire month of April, you will have dissatisfied mindset.
The entire dissatisfaction will seem to be improved from the middle of May till the middle of August. There is a chance of change in the work place. You can go overseas to improve your skill more. During the first half of August there is a chance of promotion and appreciation at work. You may have to travel for your job as well.
The month of September will be a good time for you to learn more. You may attend seminars and enhance your skills. During the month of October, Mercury will again be in retrograde motion and Virgos need to be more conscious about their performance in the job. One should pay extra attention to complete the work and communicate correctly with astrology and others.

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