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Career horoscope: Professions of Zodiac Signs

Career horoscope Favorable Professions of 12 Zodiac Signs

Career horoscope: Favorable Professions of 12 Zodiac Signs
There are twelve zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. The day and time of birth of a person decides which sign he would get. The sign influences the nature, behavior, personality and life of the person. Career also depends on the zodiac sign to a large extent. 
Career  of the natives of Aries
The Career Horoscope of the natives of Aries is largely influenced by Mars. The career options suiting these people include journalism, medical science, politics, civil service, mining, police and professions associated with the armed forces.  
Career  of the natives of Taurus
Taurus is ruled by Mars and the career options suitable for people with this sign are trade and commerce, electronics, banking, advertising, media, beauty, fine arts, music and other creative jobs. 
Career  of the natives of Gemini
The Lord of Gemini is Mercury and, according to Career Horoscope, the career options where people with this zodiac sign can make a good name are author of novels, editors, engineers, writers and advertisers, translation jobs, literature and other professions associated with education. 
Career  of the natives of Cancer
Cancer has the Moon as its Lord and so anyone having a Career Horoscope influenced by the Moon is likely to shine in coffee and tea business, animal husbandry, bakery, hotel business and medical science profession. 
Career of the natives of Leo
Leo is ruled by the Sun and according to Vedic astrology if Leo resides on the 10th house of the Kundli, the Career Horoscope of a person would tell that administrative jobs, film production, pharmaceutical business, jewelry and share market are going to the best career options for a person. 
Career  of the natives of Virgo
Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury and so it is needless to mention that over the last few years. Virgo in Career Horoscope denotes that a person would find pencil and paper business, postal service, writer, editor, pilot, doctor, clerk, psychiatrist and accountant as the best career options. 
Career  of the natives of Libra
As the lord of Libra is Venus professions like hotel business, fashion designing, photography, singing, law, acting can be most lucrative choice as far as career is concerned. Moreover, one can also opt for tailoring and furniture business if the Career Horoscope shows influence of Venus. 
Career  of the natives of Scorpio
Scorpio has Mars as its ruler and when Scorpio rests in the 10th house of the Career Horoscope a person can opt for career options in machinery related occupations, medical science, insurance sector, navy, telecommunication, railways, defense and army. 
Career  of the natives of Sagittarius
With Jupiter as the Lord of the sign, Sagittarius while residing on the 10th House aspects professions in the academic field, pedagogy, education, law and sports. One can opt for these career options if one has Sagittarius on ones Career Horoscope. 
Career of the natives of Capricorn
The lord of Capricorn is Saturn and when Capricorn is in the 10th House, the Career Horoscope of a person denotes that he will be able to make money in careers like iron equipment and wooden furniture business and agriculture sector.
Career  of the natives of Aquarius
With Aquarius in the 10th House one can opt for professions in astrology, medical science, engineering, mechanical and technical jobs. One can also opt for being an advisor and this profession is likely to click well. 
Career of the natives of Pisces
Pisces in the 10th House means a person can opt for professions like, religious teacher, doctor, editor, detective and entertainment related jobs. 

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