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Career astrology Nakshatra for Aquarius and pieces

Career astrology Nakshatra for Aquarius and pieces

Career astrology Dhanishta Nakshatra: Range 23°20’ Capricorn to 06°40’ Aquarius
Professions: Managers in different fields, top level healers who are associated with Kundalini Yoga and other types of Holistic Healing, musical instrument makers, soldiers and others involved in the military profession, physicists and scientists, professionals involved in financial transactions, real estate developers, group coordinators in different fields, sports persons and athletes, dealers of gemstone and other precious metals, professionals involved in marching bands and military bands, drummers and other musicians in orchestras and music bands, managers and administrators associated with the entertainment industry, performers, dancers and musicians.  
Career astrology Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Range- 6°40’ Aquarius to 20°00’ Aquarius
Zen experts, meditation and Yoga guru, inventors and hunters, explorers, puzzle experts, detectives, seafaring professionals, professionals involved in the automobile industry, motor sports personalities and bikers, petroleum and related industrial sectors, professionals associated with the plastic production companies, waste disposal and recycling sector, drug dealing, professions associated with production and sale of alcohol, surgeons and physicians, professionals involved in the pharmaceutical and drug industry, physicists and nuclear physicists in particular, science fiction writers, photographers, trendsetters, professionals involved in the film and television sector, aeronautics professionals, rocket engineers, martial artists and instructors, radio operators, pilots, space research professionals, astrologers and astronomers, astronauts, chemotherapists, X-Ray and RADAR experts, technology experts and electricians as well as electrical engineers. 
Career astrology Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Range- 20°00’ Aquarius to 03°20' pieces.
Professions: Pharmaceutical Industry, environmental activists, professionals involved in fields that result in environmental destruction, people who are associated with the industry dealing with waste products and toxic chemicals, all professions that deal with high temperature and fire, metal working industry, homicide squads and other police divisions, extreme ascetics like the Agoras who can perform self mortification, leather industry, dark technology professionals, black magicians, occultists involved in dark practices, weapon makers, the negative sides of the entertainment industry, science fiction, horror and mystery writers, fanatics, radicals, fundamentalists, medical practitioners and surgeons, cemetery keepers, coffin makers, Morticians and others who are involved in death related professions.
Career astrology Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Range-  03° 20 pieces to 16° 40 pieces
Profession: Teachers, philosophers, nonprofit organizations, librarians, historians, doormen, night watchmen, shop clerks, artists and musicians, writers, poets, researchers, professionals involved in charity organizations, hermits, monks, renunciates, divinators, occult science and tantra practitioners, healers, shaman, therapists and counselors, meditation and Yoga experts. 
Career astrology Revati Nakshatra: Range- 16° 40' Pisces - 30°00' Pisces
Profession: Calender making, foster parents, travel agents, travel planners, driving instructors, professionals involved in road safety, saints, lighthouse workers, traffic police, air traffic controllers, professionals associated with religious institutions, transport and driving professionals, professionals associated with orphanages and foster homes, shipping and marine industry in all its forms, professionals in pearl industry, gemstone suppliers and sellers, ship stewards an air hostesses, astrologers, calendar makers, time keepers, road and rail planners and those who are involved in the road and rail construction business, watchmakers, magicians, illusionists, comedians, entertainers, actors, creative artists like musicians and painters, psychics and hypnotists. 

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