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Career astrology and finance

Career astrology and finance

One of the most important questions that everyone faces in life is when and how is money likely to flow in. Having a proper answer of this question, that also with useful and practical analysis and predictions, is undoubtedly necessary. In fact, time means and money results in energy. 
It is possible for an astrologer to answer this question only after examining the position of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the chart of a person. Moreover, the six astrological houses that have an impact on the career and money also need to be taken into account in order to make right predictions. 
Saturn has the ability to influence career and inflow of money and so we take it into consideration the position of Saturn in order to judge your potential to deliver quality service as well as your work ethics. It also helps us predict your karmic blockages that can keep you from realizing your true potential. 
As far as wealth is concerned, Jupiter is the planet that makes the call. We carefully examine your Jupiter in order to check your ability to earn wealth and to see if there is any underlying positive note that can help you achieve your desired goal. We can also get to know about your past Karma that might be a source of trouble for you. In the past you might have disobeyed your mentors or might have abused wealth in any form. Jupiter tells us if you have such a history in life. 
Mercury reveals the level of natural energy that can enhance commercial success. Your ability to sell and buy, your ability to communicate with others and your ability to manage things including numbers, all are determined by Mercury. It also helps us understand how fast you can cope with the existing situation and how you can brighten your aspects. 
We carefully check the houses on your chart in order to judge your career prospects and your potential to earn money. 
  • 2nd house: The 2nd house on your chart gives a clear idea about your style of managing finances, your income potential and also about your money stream. 
  • 5th house: This house indicates whether there is any possibility of you earning money through investments and speculations. 
  • 6th house: By studying your 6th house we will be able to know whether you are likely to earn money from someone else.
  • 7th house: The 7th house is the best source of information on your ability to blend and communicate with others. This is the main indicator of your potential to succeed in partnership businesses. 
  • 8th house: This house lets us know about the obstacles that you are going to face and also whether you would have a windfall income. 
  • 10th house: It helps us know which career options would be most suitable for you and also about your basic principles guiding your endeavor to have a good career. 
  • 11th house: This house indicates your ability and probability of making profits in a certain profession and also how you would manage your accumulated wealth. 
You might be in a career astrology that is not clicking much, but yet you might be gifted with the ability to recognize and invest on lucrative deals. An astrologer will be able to predict whether you can make use of your gift or you will have a windfall income. 
However, even if you are able to income a lot with the support of the second, fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth or tenth house you will not be able to enjoy your accumulated wealth until and unless you are supported by the eleventh house. 
This is why we provide a detailed astrological report to you so that you can understand your financial prospects. The 1 Year Financial Forecast and Know Your Good and Bad Planets Report are the two main tools that you can rely upon as far as your future financial prospects are concerned. 

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