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Astrology predictions for people born in 2020

Individuals who are desirous of having their astrological prediction made in year 2020 would benefit from vast in Being proud you have the strength to succeed in your purposes. You are a fully expressed individual with features of your sun signformation available. For people who know their birth timings and date can readily recognize the following details for their lifetime.
People born from 4 to 6 am (sun in house 1)
and being the center of attention in all places you would stay at. You have strong will, self-confidence and optimism. You are to be an outstanding person, with extrovert and the ability to lead others, although at times you are a bit selfish and exaggerative. The success you have is related to creativity and realization of initiatives.
People born from 2 to 4 am (sun in house 2) 
Individual who are born in this time period will have ability to attract money into their lives. This is likely to allow earning through own efforts and initiatives. The material sense of life looks very sharp and attracted to possessions representing status, value and luxurious things. With lots of money, it is important to manage it well. Many times you make purchases or investments or incur unnecessary expenditure that you regret later on. You would need to learn handling property and being less dazzled through luxury items. Success is dependent on the personal self-worth, administrative capacity as well as power relations.
People born from midnight to 2 am (sun in house 3)
You are having an outstanding mind, only think personal and devise solutions to problems. There is also the need to study and grow intellectually since it builds confidence in your life. Your success in life is related to relations with brothers and cousins, who exert a powerful influence in life and with special attachments. Due to these concerns in mind you travel a lot and connect with people. On the reflection, these influences could lead you to become impatient or fickle, domineering or arrogant with opinions.
People born from 10 and 12 pm (sun in house 4)
These individuals would have success in their life which comes from real estate business, or from being a natural psychologist. The sun position certainly improves in the mature stage of life, making you take two great achievements. You are proud of yourself and with your accomplishments. It is likely that during this time you would find a lot of recognition to work and receive certain awards and honors.
People born from 8 and 10 pm (sun in house 5)
This individual’s success would be related to creative, artistic, sports, recreation or education and especially to children. Further, the influence which brings success and speculative investments involves risk related to gambling. Though the sun in this position would bring very successful children.
People born from 6pm and 8pm (sun in house 6)
There is a success from excelling in job by ability and dedication. Being perfectionist, you would analyze situations in detail and have the ability to see what no one else sees. You would also control tendency which makes you very critical and dissatisfied with love. Although you would have a sense of authority, your success is more related to work. You are hardworking, organized and efficient. Your interest in health and body hygiene can lead to excelling in fields related to medicine, nursing, dieting and services. This is especially true for people born under sign of water in 2011. This position also generates timidity and lack of self recognition, which could lead to disappointments and frustrations in everything you would do.
People born from 4pm to 6pm (Sun in house 7)
The individual would taste success by being related to associations, public, justice and expressive good manners and personal magnetism. This influence would give you many chances to win every trial or legal proceedings in which you are involved.
People born from 2pm to 4pm (Sun in house 8)
Individual’s success comes from asset management, making other investments and transactions. Also, your perception and intuition take your interests from occult to making you a researcher. You need to trust hunches and impressions. Throughout life you would receive property, either from inheritance or marriage.
People born from noon to 2pm (Sun in house 9)
Success comes from long trips, study of cultures, languages, philosophy, politics and religion. There is an urge to know and travel the world. You would successfully reach your mettle in a different country from the one in which you are born. If you have decided not to settle in another place, take trips and contact people abroad. It may also be likely that father and relatives come from a different country. You have a great sense of Justice and studying law for a profession is great. Also, you can outperform as a teacher with any subject. You would explore and learn about nature and abstract ideas. Religious fervor would be intense and you would place greater devotion to your beliefs.
People born from 10am to noon(Sun in house 10)
There is great ability to lead others and excel in the profession. You put larger energy resources and to a successful career. You might face excessive pride, arrogance and stronger material ambitions. You could manage to transcend the initial status, and have greater recognition.  You are very satisfied with achievements while being competitive and take a strong position in gaining security and authority in life.
People born from 8 to 10am(Sun in house 11)
The individual’s sociability and ability to relate to well known personalities leads to important and influential positions, especially from men who benefit you in the future. Success in life is connected with relationships that are built and also participation in public entities. Your friends are from positions of authority, managers, directors and governors, etc. You would have big aspirations and larger than life perspectives. Being idealistic you are willing to fight and achieve proposed solutions. On the other hand, you would perform well in a group activity and become leader everywhere. You would be worried about social issues and likely undertake to know the factors which would collaborate with renovation and life improvement in society.
People born from 6 to 8 am (Sun in house 12)
The individual would definitely have strong personal insecurities which lead you to step back and remain in the background especially in your thirties. You would need to raise self esteem to greater achievements in material life. Relationships with your father may be either absent or more complex. This might lead to weak character.

Horoscope predictions based on the astrological birth chart for people born in year 2011 indicate a number of various personalities and individual traits. Being born in 2011 you could bring together a better future and ensure healthier life for children born under this category. It is likely that you find these interpretations to be helpful in guiding your son or daughter career, health or profession.

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