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How to Gain Weight

Astrological Tips to Gain weight

People these days are conscious of their looks and physique, a small survey was conducted based on the Indian astrology online and it was clearly evident that 34% of human are worried about their weight and wants to gain weight to look appealing and attractive. Indian Astrology recommends and suggests us to understand simple methods and steps to achieve our set target.
In astrological term, being underweight is not a problem at all and there is nothing that you should worry, maintaining a strict routine and controlling your cravings and satiating meal will help you immensely.  Astrologers say that underweight is basically a condition which might be hereditary and sometime acute metabolism defects and soothers. Astrologers say if you experience tiredness all throughout the day, your body is not able to adapt the infection attack; you tend to lose your resistance and will be prone to diseases. Indian Astrology online suggest special food and provides remedy for underweight. There are researched and recommended suggestions and food intake which has proven –results. Few of them are listed below:
One such fruit is Muskmelon, which can do magical wonders in just 1 week and witness jaw dropping results and outcome .Astrologers suggests having this fruit between first and second “prahar” – that is preferably between breakfast hours and not post that.
Some recommend eating 2 medium sized ripe and sweet mangoes, followed by a glass of milk.  If you can consume mangoes three times in a day. It will supply a rich source of sugar which will help you gain weight. On the other hand, you can have milk shake, since milk is rich in proteins but deficient in fats. Thus, the deficiency of mango is made up by milk and vice versa.
According to some of the Indian Astrology online , it is recommended that if you can go in for an exclusive milk diet, in which milk has to be taken after every 2 hours – it will feature noticeable results. 
Some additional quick incepts as well are mentioned below from the astrologers extract -
  • Soak 3 dry figs in water and consume it two times in a day. 
  • Raisins act as a good remedy for increasing weight. Consume about thirty grams of raisins on a daily basis.
  • People who sleep in the day can expect their fat to increase more - if you’re routine is not right, then it will cause "med" to accumulate in your body on the back, chest, and in the bones.
If the way you eat is not correct, then that also causes the fat to increase - whenever earth and water elements in the body get dis-balanced, it causes the fat to increase in the body. Adhering to astrological remedies helps gain weight – Our horoscope is l guided by the mukhya graha/main planet, which is responsible for our body, mind, and wealth.  
It is believed Moon and Venus both increase fat. If your birth chart is affected too much by Moon or Venus, then your fat increases without any effort. You will have chubby cheeks and your skin and face will always be soft looking. However if you maintain a proper regime and follow  at least 4 of the above mentioned remedies , rest assured you will not be disappointed by the result.

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