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engineering profession help of astrology

A career in the engineering profession help of astrology

A healthy profession is the main role which governs individual life as he/she grows. The livelihood is foremost on mind of any individual.  It is about gaining friends, learning skills, new business, entering new professional field and /or imparting knowledge. Apart from medicine or engineering, there are numerous ways one can earn livelihood. Nowadays everyone is concerned about their right career and career growth. From an astrological calculation the native individual can determine their rewarding profession with desirable results and also achieve an inner satisfaction. A career prediction which includes way the events unfold would be double in benefit later. People make queries and inquire about how their chosen best profession would get them better livelihood.
There are tell-tale signs of a best future career which can be seen as a native’s horoscope. These become the main aspect responsible for letting the individual get their career together. Usually it is advised to consult senior, friends and astrologer. Especially for an engineer profession the following factors are most important. You can decide the branch of engineering profession most related to below conditions.
Mars - related to courage, energy, arms, tools industries, electricity, thermal power, engineering.
Saturn - related to labour, iron and steel industries, care and maintenance of machinery, industrial research, and deep knowledge.
While the following houses in astrological horoscope indicate whether individual’s planet and condition are favourable. You must study your own horoscope to ascertain the inclusion of all favourable aspects.
·         Ascendant is the planet which governs native capability interaction and vitality.
·         2nd house shows all about status and accumulated wealth.
·         3rd house is the planet for learning, initiative and communication.
·         5th house is indicating intellect and speculative gains.
·         6th house offer the financial stability and debts conditions.
·         7th house indicates partnership and foreign tours possibilities.
·         8th house shows all gains and obstacles.
·         9th house is for fortunes and short journeys.
·         10th house denotes the profession.
·         11th house is for income and gains.
·         12th house provide information on losses and relation with foreign land.
Different Combinations of planets and stellar positions indicate engineering fields and for selecting the right engineering profession. By observing these calculations in your own chart you can foretell whether you have an indicated favourable career growth in engineering profession. Like if you have Mars or Saturn in either of the houses it will lead to both the profession and also favourable situations in career horoscope from the house would add to it. Therefore the house and planet position combinations lead to forecasting a engineering choice. It will also guide you to know if there is any possibility of getting engineering profession success later in career. People would benefit if they used this to their advantage in their quest for career in engineering. This is a best exercise to know whether it suits their expectations for career or not. Overall the indicated combinations are surely to get you the right choice of engineering field like civil, electricity, computers, mechanical, etc.
·         Saturn in ascendant house in Mars sign for Aries or Scorpio is the aspect in the 10th house, gives engineering profession.
·         Mars in ascendant house in Saturn sign for Capricorn or Aquarius also shows engineering profession.
·         5th or the 10th house or lord is influenced by Saturn or Mars, then it is for engineering.
·         3rd lord combines with Mars, and includes the aspect by Saturn is for engineering profession.
·         Saturn is the 9th house lord and Mars is 11th house lord & related to each other leading to engineering profession.
·         Saturn and Mars exchange each other’s sign, combine, or have a related aspect to each other to take you to engineering profession.
·         Sun and Moon in the ascendant house with Saturn and Mars in 10th house favour engineering profession.
·         In Aries the ascendant is Saturn in 4th house and Mars is in 10th house indicating engineering profession.
·         Saturn and Mars are in Leo ascendant house, and Jupiter is in 4th house is for engineering profession.
·         3rd house lord and 7th house lord combine in Virgo ascendant house, aspect by Saturn and Mars is a combination which is for engineering profession.
The engineering profession is a noble one indeed. Many people want to get a successful career in engineering from career horoscope. They want to know the right field in engineering and choices available to them are destined to better career or not. Here the young people would benefit from astrological predictions and horoscope for getting to know their career livelihood. 

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